We will get through
this together.

We know how to protect ourselves from COVID-19. And
now there are safe, effective vaccines to prevent illness.

COVID-19 Info

Visit the CDC hub for the latest on all things COVID-19, including current cases and stats, info on symptoms and prevention, travel restrictions and more.


The Vaccines

Safe and effective vaccines are now authorized to protect against COVID-19 illness. Get the latest on who is eligible, what to expect, and how many vaccines have been distributed so far.



Answers to frequently-asked questions about COVID-19 from the CDC. How does COVID-19 spread? How can I protect myself? When should I get tested? And more!


Find COVID-19 Vaccines Near You!

Vaccine distribution is increasing in the U.S. Depending on supply, some areas may prioritize vaccines for those at higher risk.

Check with your local health department to see when it’s your turn to get the vaccine. Many locations require an appointment to get a vaccine.