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Greater Than COVID helps individuals take charge of their health during the evolving COVID-19 public health crisis. Tailored media messages and community tools will address information needs about the new vaccines.

Led by KFF, Greater Than COVID is modeled on the highly successful Greater Than AIDS public information initiative. Since 2009, Greater Than AIDS has partnered with health departments and community partners to reach those most affected with the latest on testing, prevention and treatment. The public-private partnership model helps to extend the reach of limited resources in high need areas with a focus on communities at greatest need.

While HIV and COVID-19 are very different, there are lessons that can be learned from KFF’s decades of messaging about HIV. Additionally, as COVID-19 continues, we are seeing a disproportionate impact of the epidemic in the U.S. on many of the same populations, notably Black and Latinx communities, who have also been most affected by HIV.

KFF (Kaiser Family Foundation) is a national nonprofit leader in health policy analysis, journalism and social impact media. No affiliation with Kaiser Permanente.