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*New* Campaign For and By Black People on the COVID-19 Vaccines

“It’s time for Black folks to have a conversation between us, about us.”

Black doctors, nurses and researchers dispel misinformation and provide accessible facts about the COVID-19 vaccines in a new campaign that launches today from Greater Than COVID and the Black Coalition Against COVID. 

THE CONVERSATION: Between Us, About Us kicks off with an open and honest conversation between W. Kamau Bell and Black health care workers that gets to the heart of Black people’s questions about the vaccines.

HELLO BLACK AMERICA! 3Also included as part of today’s campaign launch are 50 FAQ videos by Black health care workers responding to commonly-asked questions about the vaccines. More content and voices will be added as new information becomes available.

Watch. Share. Join THE CONVERSATION!

THE CONVERSATION: Between Us, About Us is developed by KFF with Rhea Boyd, MD, MPH, pediatrician and public health advocate and Reed Tuckson, MD, Founding Member of the Black Coalition Against COVID. YouTube is providing significant support for the campaign, including high visibility promotion across its platform.

California Health Care FoundationThe Commonwealth Fund and Sierra Health Foundation have generously contributed funding to the production and are supporting distribution of the series.

Through Greater Than COVID, KFF will be working with other partners to address information needs in other disproportionately affected communities.

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