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Share Video FAQs About COVID-19 Vaccines With Your Community!

With the COVID-19 Delta variant on the rise, being fully vaccinated is more important than ever.

Share THE CONVERSATION / LA CONVERSACIÓN with your networks to provide accurate accessible information about the COVID vaccines. 

Doctors, nurses and community health workers answer questions about COVID vaccine safety, efficacy, access and more in this FAQ video series. All content is available rights free and designed to be shared on social media.

Watch & Share!

“I want to make sure you’re safe, and that everyone around you is safe. Because you may not get really sick, but what about your friend, your aunt, your neighbor.”

“The vaccine is one of the best tools we have to fight against COVID-19 and variants.”

“We as adults need to get vaccinated. It’s like creating a bubble of protection around kids who can’t get vaccinated yet.”

“Younger people can get sick and have ongoing illness. The other thing to think about is, what is your risk in your community? We have children and others who can’t get the vaccine.”