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In March 2021, THE CONVERSATION / LA CONVERSACIÓN Between Us, About Us launched with a dozen Black doctors, nurses and researchers providing facts and dispelling myths about the COVID vaccines.

OB/GYNs, NURSES AND MIDWIVES ON THE COVID-19 VACCINES 5One year later, the video series includes more than 300 videos, in English and Spanish, featuring 31 healthcare workers of color. The series has been viewed tens of millions of times on digital and social media.

Produced by KFF, as part of Greater Than COVID, with Rhea Boyd, MD, a pediatrician and public health advocate, the digital video series is designed to provide credible information about the COVID vaccines for communities in need. It is presented with the Black Coalition Against COVIDUnidosUS and the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Content is rights-free for educational use and updated as new information becomes available.

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