W. Kamau Bell

"I want to be a part of getting our people vaccinated and healthy. Because too often in America, we don’t get access to healthcare. And I would hate if we didn’t get access at this critical time. If everybody else gets the vaccine and doesn’t have COVID and we’re still being ravaged by COVID the way we are right now, that would be a sin and a shame. So, I have to be a part of the solution here."

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THE CONVERSATION: Between Us, About Us is produced by KFF (Kaiser Family Foundation), a nonprofit organization focusing on national health issues (no affiliation with Kaiser Permanente), and presented by KFF’s Greater Than COVID public information initiative and the Black Coalition Against COVID (BCAC). YouTube/Google are supporting distribution of the series across their platforms. Rhea Boyd, MD, MPH, a pediatrician and public health advocate, and Reed Tuckson, MD, Founding Member, BCAC, developed the campaign with KFF.

Jacob Kornbluth Productions worked with KFF and BCAC to create the videos. California Health Care Foundation, The Commonwealth Fund and Sierra Health Foundation have generously contributed funding to the production and are supporting distribution.

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