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If I’m young and healthy, why do I need the COVID vaccine?

Health care workers answer questions about the COVID-19 vaccines.


If I’m young and healthy, why do I need the COVID vaccine? Pamela Simms-Mackey, MD


So, a couple of reasons. So, one doesn’t mean you won’t get sick. So, younger people can get sick, younger people can have what we call morbidity or lasting illness. They may not die from it, but they may have ongoing lung problems or neurologic problems or other things like that. But I think the other thing that we think about in pediatric is what is your risk in your community? So, you know, I just told you, we have a bunch of children who cannot get the vaccine.

But if you are, let’s say 18 year old who gets COVID infection and you give it to a five year old and then they go visit grandma who’s 80 years old. Now you’ve infected someone who may die from it.

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Stay up to date with your COVID vaccine, including boosters!

COVID vaccines are safe and effective for everyone ages 6 months and older.

Immunity wanes over time. Keep up your protection against COVID by getting boosted when eligible.

Updated boosters are available for adults and children 6 months and older.